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Analysis of the survey “2010 Assessment and Outlook for 2011”


According to the survey realized for the radio RTL by Harris Interactive, French people are divided over the evaluation of the year 2010. Indeed, 49% of them think that it has been a positive year for their personal life, whereas 51% of the citizens consider 2010 as a bad year.

French people also have different perceptions and expectations for 2011. Thus, while 53% of them are optimistic when they think about their future and the future of their relatives, 49% show pessimism.

While economists and analysts foresee a stronger economic growth and a decrease in unemployment rate during next year, how can we explain the pessimism of French people ?

Jean-Daniel Lévy, Head of the Opinion and Corporate Department of Harris Interactive answered our questions.

Survey realized online by Harris Interactive for 27th to 29th December 2010. This survey was conducted with a representative sample composed of 1 226 people from Harris Interactive panel, aged 15 and over. Quota and corrections were used in order to take into consideration these variables: gender, age, social and occupational group, size of the city.

Find all the results of this survey here.

Interview by Lise Forestier and Marlène Petrolo.