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At Tilder, we are all Charlie,

At Tilder, we are all Charlie,

On Wednesday January 7th, a terrorist attack targeted the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Twelve people, amongst whom journalists, figures of French freedom of speech,  and police officers, have been cowardly assassinated in this assault on democracy.

Democracy cannot exist without this freedom and without the freedom to inform, to debate and to exchange ideas freely.

Journalists hold this crucial role for all democracies.

The police forces also devote their lives to the defence of these fundamental democratic rights.

This freedom of thought and of debate holds its value only as far as every individual can enjoy it, all the time, without fear or constraint.

The Tilder teams wish to express their deepest sympathy to the victims of this barbaric act, to their families and to their friends.

On this national day of mourning, we have one particular thought for all our journalist friends who work every day to keep public debate the ongoing centre of our democracy.