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  • Alongside the CENTQUATRE
Willing to encourage the dialogue between art and society, Tilder has committed to support innovative artistic initiatives. Tilder is thus Great Founding Patron of the CENTQUATRE, a new space dedicated to contemporary art that was inaugurated on October 11th, 2008.
Located in the center of the XIXth arrondissement, this center for creation open to the world is aimed at disrupting the relations between art and society, and at enriching interactions between artists and their audience, by replacing creation at the heart of the city and by establishing the public as a direct observer of the artists’ creation process. The CENTQUATRE is open to spectators and passers-by, and invites them to come and meet the 200 or so artists from all over the world that can stay there at the same time.« After a long work, the CENTQUATRE opened to the public last October 11th. Since then, life is setting in and art is taking residence. For spectators, for neighbours, and for artists, a new adventure is unfolding, unheard-of and riveting. Without the essential support of patrons such as Tilder, the CENTQUATRE would not be what it is today.
Thanks to them, thanks to Tilder.»Robert Cantarella and Frédéric Fisbach, co-directors of the CENTQUATRE

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