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Tilder is a member of the GLF because the foundation works to establish a more stable society and defends democratic institutions, human rights and justice. The GLF brings together former heads of state and governments from democratic countries around the world to advise governements in office and allow them to take advantage of their experience and contribute to the sharing of best practices.
  • “Face aux idées”, a Tilder and Institut Montaigne coproduction
In April 2011, Tilder and Institut Montaigne launched “Face aux idées”, a monthly TV show broadcasted on La Chaîne Parlementaire at 8:50pm every third Tuesday of the month. This 70 minutes live broadcasted debate intends promoting dialogue between economic, social and political actors, by encouraging them to formulate concrete and innovative propositions to give France a new sense.
The show, presented by Olivier de Lagarde, gathers every month a guest from political or civil background, a theme, two challengers and two experts, Laurent Bigorgne, Director of Institut Montaigne and Matthias Leridon, Chairman of Tilder. Far from political stereotypes and segmented debates, “Face aux idées” aims at promoting dialogue and concrete proposals on a major theme for society in the perspective of election days in 2012 in France. Constructive more than just declarative, this forum reinvents social debates on TV. “Face aux idées” – every month on LCP – 8:50pm A Tilder and Institut Montaigne coproduction.
  • Tilder is part of the Clinton Global Initiative
A consultant needs to listen and communicate but also to commit fully. Tilder not only places this consulting culture at the service of itl clients, but is also ready to listen to what is happening in the World, to communicate with those who drive it forward and to commit fully to working with themon a long-term basis.
From 20 to 22 September 2010, Tilder took part in the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, to present its “Commitments to Action”, alongside with many hundreds of company directors, Heads of State and Governments and Presidents of NGOs from every corner of the world. As a Member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) since 2007, Tilder attends all the annual meetings of the CGI. Each year, Tilder implements new development programmes or enhances the existing ones. In September 2011, Tilder thus announced four new “Commitments to Action”, all directly linked to the African Artists for Development Fund, which has been supported by Tilder since its inception. Every year, the CGI annual meeting is a unique opportunity, for economic and political leaders, as well as leaders in the sphere of development, to get together to make a long-term and quantitative commitment to major global issues. Amongst this year’s distinguished attendees there was Barack Obama, Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson, Michelle Bachelet and of course Hillary and Bill Clinton. Being part of such an original and meaningful initiative as the CGI not only provides a framework for Tilder’s corporate action, it also ensures, above all, that we remain systematically aware of world events and continue to re-learn how to channel new ideas, meetings and development initiatives. Established in 2005 by former US President, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative is an original philanthropic organization. The aim of the CGI is to combat the harmful effects of globalization and under-development, not by funding or directly carrying out actions in the field, but rather by gathering under its auspices companies, institutions or personalities supporting innovative projects, which undertake, via the CGI, to put in place specific and measurable “Commitments to Action”. The CGI is founded on Bill Clinton’s certainty that governments need the private sector, non-governmental organisations and other leaders in their sector of activity to tackle the most urgent global problems effectively and in a sustainable manner. Rather than putting in place a new discussion structure, Bill Clinton chose, when he created the CGI, to offer a new form of global summit meeting, which would focus on getting results by bringing together extraordinary personalities and minds.
  • Tilder supports the “Fondation de la 2ème Chance”.
Founded in June 1998, the Fondation de la 2ème Chance aims to help people between the ages of 18 and 60 who find themselves in extreme hardship, by providing human and financial resources to help them successfully see through realistic career goals with lasting results.
  • Tilder is member of Institut Montaigne
Institut Montaigne was created in 2000 by Claude Bébéar as a think tank comprising business leaders, senior civil servants, university professors and civil representatives with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.
Through its associate researchers and working groups, Institut Montaigne is able to draw up and distribute concrete long-term proposals on key challenges facing today’s society. With its publications and conferences, Institut Montaigne does its utmost to play a pivotal role in the democratic process.
  • Tilder supports Solidarity Sida.
As part of its corporate citizenship initiatives, Tilder has long been involved in the fight against HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2008, Tilder chose Solidarité Sida as a permanent partner to accompany its commitment.
The association has become an expert on these issues through a fifteen-year long support to a very dense network of local structures. Together with the association, Tilder supports around ten projects, aiming at helping people infected by the virus, in underpriviledged and rural area of several African countries.