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Debate :

At 7:30pm on Monday 12 September 2011, Tilder, through African Artists for Development, and the Modernity Action Forum held an “On/Off” debate at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris where artists, poets, dancers and creators of modernity tried to answer the question: Can art save love?

“Everything with a form is doomed to disappear,” says a Buddhist proverb. We consume forms more than ever: creation of intangible values, continuous interweaving of social ties. Aesthetics are becoming the matrix of economic intermediation and intercultural mixing. In the era of a new modernity, where people are often overwhelmed by their creatures, artefacts, tools, technical objects and technologies, art and artists face new questions.

Can we escape the succession of trends and re-institute the permanence of the Beautiful? Do modern art forms and trends lead or follow? How can the energy of love and creativity become shared renewable energy? Is the sense of love the essence of art ?


Copyrights Fabienne Delafraye