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Matthias Leridon guest of France info on April 11th

Matthias Leridon, President of Tilder, was the guest of Olivier de Lagarde in “The Debates of France Info”, on Tuesday, april 11th, at 08:45pm. Along with Arnaud Dupui-Casteres, President of Vae Solis, he examines the statements declarations of campaign of the ten candidates.

They analyze the communication strategy of the candidates for the official campaign and its compulsory spots and their very different universes. Matthias Leridon evoke the ridiculous in  the spots, the impact of those video clips of Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande, François Bayrou, Nathalie Artaud, Marine Le Pen.

They mention the problems of short size of official spots, the denial of reality of  French election campaign, the contradiction into Nicolas Sarkozy’s video clip.

Matthias Leridon notices that François Hollande is in advance relative to the others : he renews the kind ; his video clip is the most dynamic but it has  also many defects. They finally approach the sense of this exercise, the spots in the USA, the value  and impact of this video clips.