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P. Boniface and “intellectual counterfeiters”


Mass media often ask intelectuals to analyze the daily news. They often give their opinion on economic, politic and societal issues. The public debate seems to take the relevance of their opinion and the legitimacy of their views for granted, only thanks to their intellectual status.

In his book entitled Intellectual counterfeiters, Pascal Boniface, Head of the Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS), analyzes intellectuals’ communication. According to Pascal Boniface, some of them might be ‘counterfeiters’ who use false arguments as part of a communications strategy in order to strenghten their influence in the public debate.

In an interview for Tilder.com, he analyzes the communications strategy of these “intellectual counterfeiters” and ask for a higher level of vigilance in the attention payed to their arguments.

Interview by Servane Marion and Marlène Petrolo.