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Tilder and Institut Montaigne launch “Face aux idées” on April 20th

Tilder and the think tank Institut Montaigne launch “Face aux idées”, a public debate monthly broadcasted on La Chaîne Parlementaire starting April 20th at 8.30 pm. “Face aux idées” is recorded in Palais Brongniart, a place of innovative and socially responsible entrepreneurial activities. Every programme will be rerun six times during the following month on LCP-AN.

This new programme is willing to seek and provide ideas in order to build the French society of the 21st century. Tilder and Institut Montaigne therefore promote dialogue and involvement of economic, social and political players in order to create sense. “Face aux idées” will always confront ideas and convictions rather than people while dealing with crucial issues in the perspective of the presidential and legislative elections in 2012 in France.
Brigitte Boucher and Olivier de Lagarde present “Face aux idées”. Matthias Leridon – President of Tilder – and Laurent Bigorgne – Director of Institut Montaigne – will analyse every topics as experts. Students of high schools, universities, art schools or business schools are invited to join the debate every month through a specific partnership. A guest of honour – political leader as well as member of the civil society – will debate with other guests coming from various backgrounds (business leaders, non-profit organization or think tank representatives, researchers, etc.). 


LAST program

Wednesday, April 20th at 8:30 pm on LCP

Topic :
“How could we all live together in France nowadays ?”
Guest of honor : Henri Guaino, special adviser of the President of the Republic

“Face aux idées” DNA

A guest of honor – that centralizes all debates and offers new ideas and perspectives on the main topic.
Two editorials – two complementary perspectives on the main issues of the debate.
On the field – these reportages illustrate the subject.
Students participation – some students from a high school, university or business school asks a few questions to the guest of honor.
Contradictories guests – they have a political, social or business background and discuss the topic with the guest of honor.
“On the web” – Philippe Lentschener offers an online analysis of the debate.Pictures credits : Nicolas Guéricolas/EPP