19 July 2013

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), meeting in Geneva, has just granted consultative status to “African Artists for Development” (AAD). The decision of the ECOSOC, which follows a unanimous recommendation by the NGO Committee in New York on 21 May 2013, marks the recognition of AAD activities by the United Nations.

This accreditation to the principal United Nations body open to NGOs will enable AAD to participate in the work of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies. It will also give AAD access to United Nations world conferences.

Because ECOSOC’s work is perfectly in line with its commitments, AAD and its teams are delighted with this recognition. It will enable it AAD to contribute officially to the promotion of the United Nations’ founding principles, and to participate in an innovative exchange of experiences that generates positive synergies. 

For Gervanne LERIDON, co-president of AAD: “This unanimous recognition by the United Nations of AAD’s development work in sub-Saharan Africa confers legitimacy along with a new responsibility towards the international community. This recognition of the progress alliances we are creating in Sub-Saharan Africa between entrepreneurs, association leaders, NGOs and African artists will enable us to increase the effectiveness of our programmes. We are more determined than ever to commit to making this UN partnership a success for lasting, sustainable development and the promotion of economic, social and human progress in Africa”.

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The African Artists for Development (AAD) endowment fund was created in 2009. It initiates, develops and supports economic, social and human development projects by creating alliances for progress with contemporary African artists engaged in development initiatives in their communities. African Artists for Development strengthens the natural links between contemporary art and local development initiatives enabling each to promote the other with an approach that is both social and artistic.



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