African Artist For Development

African Artists for Development

Tilder founded African Artists for Development in 2009.

African Artists for Development is born of a deep conviction: that engaging contemporary African artists in support of micro-development projects is an extraordinary way to promote recognition, success and a strong future for the African continent.

Created by husband and wife team Gervanne and Matthias Leridon, the African Artists for Development (AAD) endowment fund initiates, develops and supports the work of African artists involved in micro-development projects at the heart of their communities. With an artistic and social responsibility approach, African Artists for Development strengthens the natural links between contemporary art and local development initiatives, enabling each to promote the other. AAD brings together artists and original development initiatives that are capable of generating sustainable economic and social development. By emphasising influence over financial considerations, this approach improves well-being and livelihoods, and promotes cultural change.  AAD avoids giving simple financial assistance, but provides the necessary impetus and funding for the long-term development of micro-development projects.

In return for the involvement of the artists in the implementation of the development project they support, AAD brings them a wealth of ideas, an extensive network of contacts in Europe and the United States, logistical support, communication expertise based on Tilder’s know-how and possible additional funding to develop their artistic projects. AAD is a crucible where remarkable human commitments forge interactions between the business world and that of NGOs and contemporary African art. The process of meeting, exchange and mutual enrichment breaks down barriers between different sectors, resulting in a rich interchange of knowledge and ideas. The focus on sub-Saharan Africa is deliberate: the “African” art scene on which AAD is based is often perceived as homogeneous. In fact, it is richly diverse and draws from many distinct social and cultural settings.

African Artists for Development is the only French philanthropic NGO to be a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

The upcoming programmes – Grow Box Art Project, “Lumières d’Afriques” in Cape Town in 2019-2020, African Space Art Project in 2021 – can be found on their website.

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