“L’Afrique va bien”, published by Nouveaux débats publics

“L’Afrique va bien” (Africa is doing well), the latest essay by Tilder’s CEO, Matthias Leridon. What if Africa was, contrary to the constant pessimistic refrain, in fact, doing well indeed ? What if the continent, far from being doomed as the media would have us believe, was home to surprising reserves of excellence, ideas, creativity, energy, hope, and modernity? The continent of Nobel prize winners F. W. De Klerk and Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathaï and Wole Soyinka possesses an enormous potential of talent and assets that are still not well-known enough. From democracy to the economy, including education, health, sport, the role of women or new technologies, art and the media, Matthias Leridon reveals an Africa that is engaged in building its future. Of course, it will come as a surprise to no-one, that the truth is often not so clear cut. But this essay is unabashedly subjective and demonstrates an audacious bias designed to finally force us to revise our opinions and see Africa as a magnificent continent on the move, rich with possibilities and ready to create the surprise of the 21st century.


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