Matthias Leridon about Nicolas Sarkozy’s entry into election campaign

Successful coming- for the president-candidate ?

Did Nicolas Sarkozy succeed manage his entry into election campaign ?
Tilder President, Matthias Leridon’s answer.


Nicolas Sarkozy has made ​​the right diagnosis. The problem is not his assessment, but the rejection of his personality. He must find a relationship with French, which takes time. But he gives. To forget the man, the hyperpresident, he highlights his ideas and his values​​, as if to say: We do not vote for a personality but for what it represents. Proposing a referendum, it is also a way of saying: You can always say no, you can punish me. Finally, his campaing slogan of his does not highlight his name, but France. He is on track, because he is well positioned.

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