Aloïs Kirner, Senior Consultant

Tilder – Aloïs Kirner
© David Meignan

Aloïs worked for five years in leading corporate communication agencies in France and internationally (Ogilvy Consulting Paris, MC Group Berlin, Babel). He has advised numerous institutional and private clients in developing and implementing their international branding and communication strategies, for example, by creating visibility and public diplomacy campaigns for various European institutions and working on ADP Group’s entire institutional communication strategy. He is also heavily involved in defining positioning solutions for multi-business, multi-location, B2C, and B2B clients. In February 2021, he joined Tilder as a senior consultant.

Aloïs is a rapporteur for the États Généraux de la Communication, started in 2020, a national conference on media and communication. This groundbreaking initiative in France is organized by representative bodies from the communication sector (AACC – UDM – UDECAM). They aim to adopt a carbon-neutral and CSR strategy on a national scale. They apply their collective communication knowledge to promote sustainable development.

Aloïs holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Sciences Po Paris and McGill University (2013) and a Master’s degree in international relations from Sciences Po Paris (2015).