Salomé Berlioux

Salomé Berlioux

Salomé BERLIOUX graduated in 2012 from the École Normale Supérieure and the Sorbonne with a master’s degree in French language and literature and from Sciences Po Paris in 2014.

In 2011, she was President of the Olivaint Conference, the oldest student association in France.

In 2013, she was appointed as a project manager for Aquilino Morelle, political advisor to the President of the Republic.

In 2016, she is speech and prospective advisor in the cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc AYRAULT.

The same year, she founded the association Chemins d’avenirs, the first association dedicated to young people in rural areas and small towns. Today, she is its executive director. The association supports 5,000 young people and has 30 employees.

Salomé Berlioux is also an expert associated with the Fondation Jean-Jaurès and the author of three acclaimed books: Les Invisibles de la République (Robert Laffont, 2019), Nos campagnes suspendues (L’observatoire, 2020) and La peau des pêches (Stock, 2021).

She is a member of MAIF, EDF and RAISE’s Mission Committees.

She joined Tilder’s advisory board in 2021.