Geoffrey Pouget

Senior Consultant


A graduate of L’École des Hautes Études en Sciences de l’information et de la Communication (CELSA), Geoffrey holds a Master’s degree in Brand Strategy. Brandishing a passion for developing communication campaigns, he began his career in 2013, gaining experience at various communication agencies (Fred & Farid, Buzzman) and with major French brands.

After a stint in Canada where he studied Organisational Sciences, in 2016 he joined Ogilvy, where he defined and implemented communications platforms for major international groups (Mondelez, Novartis Pharma) and across various European markets. This enabled him to gain a deep knowledge of new media ecosystems and develop high creative standards.

Having followed khâgne preparatory classes with a specialization in philosophy, his literary background underlies his belief in the power and importance of words and emotion in public speaking. He is convinced of the need for organisations to understand and prepare for major societal and behavioural transformations.

Geoffrey joined Tilder in July 2019 as a Senior Consultant.