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Tilder strongly believes that the lack of a communication strategy can be a real roadblock to a start-up’s development. Therefore, the Tilder team works alongside entrepreneurs to help them define and communicate a corporate message that is relevant, impactful, and adapted to their target audience.

Booming’s goal is to stimulate growth in each company by bringing out the best in the company’s project, vision, and management.

Tilder – Booming

"Booming was a much-needed learning experience for Moodwork. Within a span of a few months, thanks to the Booming team, we were able to strengthen our narrative, train for media appearances, and develop a better understanding of the challenges we face with Moodwork."

Benjamin Brion, Co-founder and CEO, Moodwork

"We had the opportunity to spend several months in the Booming Incubator in 2019. When we arrived, we had the vision to better the world of tomorrow. When we left, we had a communication strategy to express this, a media strategy to make it heard, and a press release methodology to use with the media. An experience rich in opportunities to meet people, expertise, and impact for our company. I truly wish all entrepreneurs could benefit from such a valuable program."

Axelle, Co-founder, Mapatho

"We received Booming's professional guidance in the spring of 2019 at a pivotal moment in our history. Our three-month joint objective was to change our name to strengthen our positioning and make it visible.

Working with communication professionals has been a particularly enriching experience for us engineers. Both in terms of the immediate results — press room layout, press releases, relationships with journalists, and media training — and the techniques we have acquired through our work together have helped us with all our communications since.

Booming's ability to bring together young entrepreneurs and leaders of major organizations for informal discussions has proven to be a real catalyst for feedback, inspiration, and opportunities to collaborate."

Baptiste Benezet, Co-founder, Team Bakery
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