Tilder Expertise

In 1990, Tilder was founded as an independent partnership. At Tilder, our teams work with managers, companies, and organizations to provide them with the advice, analysis, proposals, and action they need to turn their communication strategy into a powerful tool to achieve their goals and fulfill their commitments.

Our ability to create, manage, and renew influential ecosystems, as well as powerful and relevant public or media debates, helps strengthen strategic moments in a company’s history, regardless of whether they are positive or involve sensitive or crisis situations.

Tilder strongly believes that in a rapidly changing environment, communication is a powerful lever for development and value creation. Therefore, we devise and implement customized strategies through Corporate Communication, Leadership Advisory, Brand Strategy, Public Affairs, Media Relations, Financial Communication, Influence Marketing, Digital Influence, and Crisis Communication programs.

Corporate Communication

Tilder works with companies to develop brand and engagement strategies, defining original communication and action programs to convey meaning, emotion, and appeal. This helps reflect and add to the company's goals, strategy, and underlying purpose.

Tilder uses methods developed in-house to address all aspects of a corporate communication strategy, from establishing a message to developing the brand platform for communicating and managing the company's "corporate emotion." Tilder is also an expert in defining an organization's purpose, name, and profile at junctures in its history. Furthermore, Tilder works with business leaders to improve their positioning, message, and corporate engagements in public debate. We do so by implementing positive strategies using media relations and digital media, as well as promoting societal commitments and maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders, and more.

Media Relations

Tilder helps companies develop media strategies designed to enhance their knowledge, visibility, and the value of their work.

Our media operations are carefully crafted. We keep the target audience in mind, work on management's positioning and tone, and if necessary, we will provide ad hoc media training sessions. Behind the scenes, we work to educate and build trusted relationships with national and specialized media. This is an opportunity to establish a climate of trust between management and the media.

Leadership Advisory

Tilder believes that a substantial part of a company's image and reputation stems from its management's professional involvement and commitments. For over 30 years, Tilder has been guiding companies in successfully managing their direct and indirect communication systems.

The managers and their teams are true sparring partners. They help each company executive benefit from their experience in managing the most complex communication issues. They share their knowledge and understanding of public debate and their networks across various societal sectors to ensure effective decision-making solutions. Our expertise in consulting and training includes creating, managing, and transforming influence ecosystems, producing exclusive content (forums, reports, essays, etc.), and developing internal and external public involvement strategies.

Crisis communication

Tilder use their knowledge to help executives at crucial moments in their organization's history, including financial crises, changes in governance, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, and strategic repositioning.

Tilder believes that how an organization manages a crisis is almost as important as the crisis itself. It develops customized communication strategies tailored to reflect their clients' needs and those of their stakeholders. Tilder takes a 360-approach to crisis management strategies by creating dedicated teams who combine complementary skills, incorporating all of its internal and external entities and communication channels.

Influence Marketing

Tilder uses their combined expertise in communication strategy and public affairs to ensure a coherent approach and effective cross-fertilization of the messages developed for decision-makers and public opinion.

Today, companies face a wide variety of regulations, from those specific to their industry (transport, telecommunications, energy, etc.) to those tied to changes in the economy and society (environment, privacy protection, international regulations, governance, etc.). At Tilder, our teams ensure a coherent, global approach and encourage cross-fertilization of messages communicated to decision-makers and public opinion. They also anticipate the regulatory risks and compliance rules that could impact the reputation of the managers, companies, and organizations they advise.