Tilder For Good

Since 1990, Tilder has been working alongside the men and women shaping the world of tomorrow in France and worldwide.

In our field of communication consulting, participating in meaningful initiatives is a source of inspiration. They challenge us to go beyond our own limits, listen, and think outside the box.

With this belief in mind, each Tilder member is expected to participate in a societal initiative. In line with its raison d’être, Tilder supports all these intellectual, artistic, and societal commitments financially and professionally.

Ever since it was founded, Tilder has been actively involved in society. Today, a company’s raison d’être, mission, and corporate purpose are the focus of ongoing debates worldwide. For over 30 years, Tilder has led the way forward by putting its values and commitments first in its approach and practices to better advise those who place their trust in the Tilder team.

Tilder is an independent partnership, but first and foremost, it is a collective human project open to the world around it. Each employee brings their professional expertise, passions, views, drive, and dedication to their work. Tilder believes it is vital to maintain a candid and open dialogue with society leaders to remain attuned to developments in public debate, identify trends, and understand the main opinion drivers in France and worldwide.

Every year, we recommit ourselves to working alongside approximately twenty leading French and international organizations and institutions in the fields of social debate, artistic creation, and culture. We also support emerging talent through Booming, our in-house accelerator, and help develop projects across the African continent.

Since 1990, Tilder has been a member and supporter of over 100 global initiatives. In 2021, Tilder decided to support the following initiatives:

Tilder – The Aspen Institute


Tilder is a partner and board member of the Aspen Institute France, an international exchange forum that brings together leaders from all backgrounds who collectively reflect on the major contemporary issues and commit to improving the world of tomorrow. In 2021, Tilder will support the Institute’s “Les Hommes qui lisent” (Men who read) meetings.

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Tilder – Fondation du Lycée Louis le Grand

Fondation du Lycée Louis le Grand

The Louis Le Grand Foundation (LLG) was created in 2012 with support from LVMH, Canal +, L’Oréal, and Airbus Group. Its goal is to foster academic excellence across social origins and national borders. Every year, Tilder helps some of the best students from Sub-Saharan Africa who wish to study in France by financing a 2-year educationalscholarship covering their tuition and living expenses.

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Tilder – Tilder Booming


Since 2018, Tilder’s internal incubator, Booming, has been dedicated to hosting one start-up per quarter in a “professional residency” to boost its project, vision, management, and brand.

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Tilder – France Digitale

France Digitale

Since 2018, Tilder has been a partner and member of the France Digitale advisory board, the leading organization for start-ups in Europe. It was created in 2012, after the Mouvement des Pigeons, a protest movement that united thousands of entrepreneurs. The organization represents more than 1,800 French digital entrepreneurs and investors. It aims to support future European digital champions. France Digitale and Tilder will be awarding the 2021 Jeune Ingénieure en Intelligence Artificielle (Young Artificial Intelligence Engineer) prize.

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Tilder – Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou

In 2017, Tilder acquired national treasure “Le Poète Menaçant” by Roberto Matta for the Centre Pompidou which made Tilder the museum’s main sponsor that year.

The artwork was hung in the presence of Audrey Azoulay, the Minister of Culture at the time, Serge Lasvignes, president of the Centre Pompidou, and Bernard Blistène, director of the National Museum of Modern Art.

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Tilder – Pompidou Accélérations

Centre Pompidou Accélérations

Tilder is a founding member of the Centre Pompidou Accélérations endowment fund created in 2017 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary museum. Centre Pompidou Accélérations aims to support the Centre Pompidou in its ongoing dialogue involving artistic creation and the public.

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Tilder – Global Leadership Foundation

Global Leadership Foundation

Tilder has been a member of the Global Leadership Foundation since 2006. It works to establish a more stable society and defend democratic institutions, human rights, and justice. The GLF was founded in 2004 by the former South African President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, F.W. de Klerk, to encourage leadership and good governance worldwide. It provides current leaders with the accumulated wisdom acquired from former prominent government officials.

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Tilder – African Artists for Development

African Artists for Development

The African Artists for Development (AAD-Fund) was created in 2009 by Gervanne and Matthias Leridon. It involves African artists, and it initiates, develops, and supports development projects anchored in their community. African Artists for Development is both an artistic and societal initiative that intrinsically links contemporary art and local development initiatives, promoting not one and then the other but one within the other.  AAD-Fund is a special consultative member of the UN Economic and Social Council since 2013. More than 5 million Africans have benefited from AAD-Fund programs since its inception.

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Tilder – Chaillot Noir

Le Manège de Chaillot

The Manège de Chaillot, started by Matthias Leridon in 2013, is the first endowment fund supporting a national theater in France. The Manège is made up of eight corporate sponsors and was awarded Grand Mécène de la Culture (Major Cultural Sponsor) in 2016 for its exceptional contribution to France’s cultural development. Tilder has been a board member since 2015.

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Tilder – Institut Montaigne

Institut Montaigne

Tilder has been a member of the Institut Montaigne since 2005. It is a think tank created in 2000 that brings together business leaders, senior officials, academics, and civil society representatives from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. The Institut Montaigne strives to play a significant role in the democratic debate with its publications and conferences.

Tilder co-hosted a television program with the Institut Montaigne, Place aux Idées (Place for Ideas) and Face aux Idées (Face the Ideas)on LCP-Assemblée Nationale and Public Sénat for seven years. Tilder regularly works with the Institut Montaigne on its reports.

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Tilder – Stop Corruption

Stop Corruption

Tilder is partnered with #StopCorruption, a non-profit organization created in April 2018 that aims to raise awareness about the values of ethics and fight against corruption in governments and in the general public.

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Tilder – Transparency International

Transparency International France

Since 2012, Tilder has been partnered with Transparency International France, a major international NGO in the fight against corruption. Its goal is to overcome the crisis of confidence undermining Western democracies by bringing together governments, businesses, and civil society to promote transparency, integrity, and solidarity.

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Tilder x Higher Education

Many Tilder team members teach courses at the following institutions: ENS, Sciences Po Paris, CELSA, ICP, EFAP.