New video clip release by artist and photographer Alice Mann

©Alice Mann, courtesy Afronova Gallery

The Gervanne and Matthias Leridon Collection recently announced in their 2021 greeting card that they will be systematically producing video clips for each artwork in the collection. The video clips will be interviews with the artist to give them a platform to express themselves and present their work in an innovative, modern, and interactive way.

South African artist and photographer Alice Mann agreed to be interviewed for the very first video clip produced by the Gervanne and Matthias Leridon Collection. This young contemporary artist tells us about her technique, method, and South African experiences that inspired her series ” Drummies.” She presents three exceptional works made in 2018 from this series. Wakiesha Titus and Riley Van Harte, Cape Town, South Africa; Eshmeal Ahrens, Lauren Lee Hendriks, Anushka Keteldas, and Bussisiwe Mnqumevu from the Elgin Majorettes team; Chloe Heydenrych, Paige Titus, Ashnique Paulse, Elizabeth Jordan, and Chleo de Kock Durbanville. 

These three works explore the majorettes scene in South African townships. Beyond the glitz and glam, these young majorettes express their identity, culture, and independence. Alice Mann uses incredible tones alongside the softness of feathers and glitter. The universe of delicacy and glamour is confronted with the precariousness of their environment.  This staggering tête-à-tête takes us beyond appearances; we see the harsh reality that these majorettes face daily. Far from the gangs and urban decay, they rise up and meet the challenge. These young girls are assertive sportswomen accustomed to competitions; they practice their art to free themselves from their surroundings and environment. Alice Mann documented this rise of a new feminist culture.