Christian Jacob


Christian JACOB embarked on his professional journey as a farmer, where he became actively involved in trade unionism. He rose to prominence as the President of the CNJA and a key member of the FNSEA and the CESE. His leadership caught the attention of Jacques Chirac, who appointed him as minister thrice, initially overseeing family affairs, then small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and liberal professions, and eventually the public service.

At the European Parliament, he chaired the Agriculture Committee. Jacob’s political career also saw him as the Mayor of Provins and the Chairman of the Board of Léon Binet Hospital.

In the French National Assembly, he led the Committee on Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning before taking the reins as the leader of the majority parliamentary group during Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency, a role he held until 2019. That year, he was elected as the President of the Les Républicains party.

A global thinker, Jacob has undertaken numerous international trips, spanning continents from Africa to Asia and the Maghreb.

Since September 2022, Christian JACOB has taken on the role of Senior Partner at Thomas Vendôme Investment and is a founding partner of Clément Conseil.

Known for his decisive nature, pragmatic approach, and exceptional negotiation skills, Jacob’s unique career path and legendary common sense have made him a respected and well-regarded figure in the political arena.

He is the author of several works, including “La clé des champs” (1994), “Le pari du bon sens” (1999), “Le bon sens en politique” (2011), and “J’en ai tellement vu” (2021).