Jean-Hervé Lorenzi


Jean-Hervé Lorenzi is the visionary founder of the Cercle des Économistes, where he served as president before leading the Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence.

His career includes pivotal roles in prestigious organizations. Up until 2013, he was a strategic advisor and banking consultant at Edmond de Rothschild’s financial company. His expertise then propelled him to Vice-President and eventually President of the Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster from 2014.

In 2021, Lorenzi brought his expertise to ISALT as a special advisor, guiding leadership and investment teams in strategic thinking and analyzing major trends for sustainable corporate growth.

Additionally, Lorenzi has held board positions at Euramet (since 2003), Associés en Finance (since 2004), the French Association of Mobile Operators (since 2005), BNP Paribas Assurance (since 2007), and Crédit Foncier (since 2009). He’s also contributed his insights on the supervisory boards of Euler-Hermes (since 2008), Compagnie financière Saint-Honoré (since 2004), BVA (since 2005), and Ginger Group.

Lorenzi’s academic tenure began as an economics professor at the University of Paris XIII and École Normale Supérieure between 1975 and 1981. He served as a technical advisor at Havas Group’s directorate (1980-81), then in the cabinet of Jean-Pierre COT, Minister of Cooperation and Development (1981-82).

He held various influential positions in the French government, including Assistant Director of Electronic and Computer Industries, Head of the Computer Mission, and Technical Advisor to Jean-Pierre Chevènement, Minister of Research and Industry (1982-83). He was an economic advisor to the Director-General of Telecommunications (1983-84) and a ministerial advisor on education (1984-85).

Lorenzi then became General Manager of Carrefour International de la Communication (1985), Director of New Technologies at SARI (1986), and General Manager of SARI and CNIT in 1988. He served as a mission head for Dominique Strauss Kahn, Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade (1991), and as an economic advisor in Édith Cresson’s cabinet, Prime Minister (1991-92). He held the role of General Manager at CEA-Industrie (1992-93) and was Deputy General Manager and then General Manager of Gras Savoye (1995-2000). Concurrently, he was a member of the Economic Analysis Council and the Cercle des Économistes, which he chaired in 1995, and sat on the Prime Minister’s Economic Analysis Council (CAE) from 1995 to 2012. In 2006, he joined the orientation council of the Institut Montaigne.

His works include “Le choc du progrès technique” (1994), “La divergence économique” (2004), and several other influential publications.

Lorenzi holds a Doctorate in Economic Sciences, is an agregé in law and economic sciences, and has been honored as an Officer of the Legion of Honour, a Knight of the National Order of Merit, and received the 1975 French Association of Economic Sciences (AFSE) award.