Mariana Pires Da Silva, Senior Consultant

Mariana Pires Da Silva

Born in Lisbon, Mariana Pires da Silva developed an early interest in entrepreneurship in the field of event communication. After graduating from Coventry University with a degree in international marketing, she continued her studies by obtaining a master’s degree at the Catholic Institute of Paris, specializing in political, corporate, and digital communication.

To enhance her skills in European politics, Mariana completed an advanced course at the National School of Administration focused on European issues. She also attended the seminar at the Institute of Higher Studies of the Ministry of the Interior, deepening her understanding of issues related to security and justice.

Mariana is passionate about environmental issues, LGBT rights, and gender equality. She leveraged her commitment by participating in a humanitarian mission in Cairo with UNICEF, where she contributed to initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions of refugees.

With her expertise in political communication and press relations, Mariana has worked for various institutions in France. She held positions within the political party Les Républicains, as well as in the National Assembly and the Senate.

Her in-depth knowledge of the political and institutional workings in France and Europe enabled her to teach Public Communication at the Sorbonne.

In 2023, Mariana joined the TILDER team as a senior consultant.