Moussa Camara


As a committed entrepreneur for over 15 years, Moussa CAMARA began his professional journey in 2007. With a vocational background in logistics, he bravely ventured into launching his first IT and telecommunications business, overcoming challenges like limited networking and financial resources. Alongside, he also established the AGPR (Act for Success) association, aimed at fostering citizenship and supporting youth in their professional integration endeavors, contributing to the social and economic success of community members.

A pivotal trip to the United States in 2012, where Moussa encountered dedicated business leaders, sparked his desire to scale up a high-impact economic project. Drawing from these insightful interactions and his entrepreneurial journey, Moussa realized that economic success could be a powerful catalyst for social advancement for everyone. This epiphany led to the inception of the Les Déterminés project.

In 2015, the Les Déterminés association was founded. It’s an innovative training and support organization for aspiring entrepreneurs from urban and rural underserved areas. Offering comprehensive, free training by professionals, the association connects participants with a network of established entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and experts. This fosters the structuring and growth of their businesses, all driven by the motto: “Entrepreneurship for all.”

By 2020, Moussa’s vision with Les Déterminés gained significant momentum, expanding nationwide. Increasingly sought after for his insights and experiences in guiding entrepreneurs, he was honored as a Knight in the National Order of Merit. This recognition breathed new life into his long-standing commitment, leading to his appointment as an Ashoka Fellow in 2021.

Simultaneously, the association expanded its focus to employability, aiming to reintegrate individuals distanced from the job market and support structures back into the economic mainstream.